Bicycle Registration/Parking

Dear Residents,

If you have a bicycle, please make sure to register it with the Management Office. The Bicycle Registration and storage fee is $25 per year. We have limited storage space so each year unregistered bicycles are removed from the property and given to charity to make space available for registered users.

Bicycle racks are located in the northeast corner of both garage levels. There is also a locked storage room for this purpose. To use racks or storage room, residents must register their bicycles with the Management Office and display a TCA bicycle sticker. Bicycles not displaying a sticker are subject to removal by Towers management. Bicycles stored on racks should be locked and placed so that they do not interfere with car traffic or access to other bicycles.

Bicycles may not be stored in any part of the common or limited common areas (including balconies or patios) other than in the designated bicycle racks or bicycle room. Bicycles stored in units must be transported through the garage and rear elevators, not through the front doors or main elevators. Riding of bicycles or tricycles in hallways, breezeways or any common element is prohibited.

Thank you very much.

Towers Management