Community Room

Reservations. Resident owners and tenants in good standing, with fees and charges current, may reserve the Community Room, subject to availability, by calling the Management Office. The Community Room Request form is available in the Management Office. Rental of the Community Room does not include the use of any other common areas, including the patio outside the Community Room, the pool and the courtyard.

Residents using the Community Room are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations of the Association and the laws of the District of Columbia. The Association, it Managing Agents or Owners, do not assume responsibility for accidents or injuries in Community Room or on the premises of the condominium.

Residents requesting use of the room shall complete the Towers Room Reservation Request form and present it to the Management Office, along with two separate payments: one for the user fee and another one for a security deposit.

Rules and Regulations. Residents reserving the room must be present during the function they sponsor. The resident host of the event may be asked to be present when Association staff conduct an inspection after the event.

Community Room hours of operation are: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Guests must vacate the premises by 10:30 p.m.

Occupancy is limited to one hundred and fifty (150) people by the Fire Code.

Music may be provided so long as it is at a reasonable volume level. If a Towers staff member reports that music is disturbing, the resident host must take corrective action, including, if necessary, suspension of the music.

Beverages containing alcohol may not be served at private parties in the Community Room unless a caterer is engaged who shows evidence of an appropriate liquor license.

Residents using the Community Room must ensure that the area is left clean and sanitary. Trash, refuse, bottles, and cans must be placed in the container(s) provided and all leftover food and drink removed from the premises immediately after the event.

The use of the Community Room is confined to only the space inside the room; guests and residents are not permitted to use the hallway leading to the Community Room and the doors separating the hallway from the Community Room should be kept closed to minimize noise. Residents and Guests are not allowed to congregate, gather, or play in the outside Common Areas.

The cost of repairing any damage to the Community Room, its furnishings and/or equipment, as well as the cost of any unusual cleanup expenses, shall be borne by the reservation holder.

All guests at Community Room events must enter through the front lobby and check in at the front desk.

The resident host shall provide a complete guest list to the Management Office at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the date of the function. This list is for the Front Desk. If the event is large, a host or hostess should be stationed in the Lobby area to identify and/or direct guests.

A security guard is required for groups of fifty (50) or more, coordinated with the Management Office. The cost of this security guard will be borne by the resident reserving the room. Cost is computed for a minimum of four (4) hours, payable when the reservation is made.

If a paid instructor is to conduct a class, seminar, etc., his or her fee, as well as the cost of any material used in the program, can be paid by the attendees, but the Towers Condominium Association shall have no obligation or liability with respect to payment of such costs. The nature of the program must be described in the resident’s application form. The Board reserves the right to deny use of the Community Room based on program content.

User Fees are Non-Refundable. Security Deposits will be refunded, less any additional costs that may be deducted (e.g. damage, additional security).

Towers housekeeping staff will move tables and chairs into the room. Resident hosts are responsible for arranging the room according to their needs. Tables and chairs are not to be moved from the Library.

Usage Fee Schedule
With or Without Food and/or Beverages
Number of GuestsUse FeeSecurity Deposit
Over 50$100.00$150.00

The Management Office will equip the room with tables and chairs. Event host (resident) is responsible for arranging the room according to their need. The Management Office will not provide round tables, silverware, china, glassware or table covers. The West Loading Dock and the freight elevator are controlled access areas, but they are close to the Community Room. All deliveries to the Community Room must be coordinated with the Management Office at 202-686-7306.

Download Community Room Request

Download Amenities Registration & Waiver Form 2020 (for exercise classes)