Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations Revised TCA 6-15-17

There have been three changes in the rules since the January 1, 2015 edition. These changes are reflected in the June 15, 2017 edition of the rules and relate to the following sections and issues:

XVII.A (3) Leasing. No residential unit may be leased or offered for lease until the unit owner obtains a business license for renting residential housing with the District of Columbia government and provides proof of the license to the Association.

XX. Swimming Pool. (Entire section Revised). These rules were used last year, although it was the thoughtful lifeguards and respectful resident behavior that really made the pool season enjoyable and successful.

XXVI.B (9) Collection Procedures & Delinquent Fees. Non-emergency services will be suspended when a unit owner falls into arrears on payments of any and all financial obligations due the Association for more than 60 days. Non-emergency services include, but are not limited to, the use of the Fitness Room, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Community Room, Front of House services and In-Unit Maintenance services. Lockouts and emergency in-unit maintenance services are not included in delinquency suspensions.

The current entry access FOB policy will likely be adopted as a formal rule at some point.