Management Office Staff

Steve DeSimone

General Manager

The General Manager has overall responsibility for management of the Association and supervision of the staff. The General Manager works with the Board of Directors and the Budget & Finance Committee to develop the annual budget, recommends policy proposals for the Board, authorizes expenditures, and ensures implementation of policy throughout the property. Responsible for capital reserve projects.
Michelle Carter
Assistant General Manager
(202) 686-7307
The Assistant General Manager is primary supervisor for the functioning of the Management Office, the security contractor, the Lobby and Valet Services (all non-maintenance related activities). The Assistant General Manager assists with budget preparation and policy formulation, ensures the quality of customer service and responsiveness to resident inquiries, and assists the General Manager with administration and operations.

Theo Turner

Chief Engineer

(202) 686-7306, Ext. 131
The Senior Operating Engineer is responsible for the overall condition and working order of the physical plant, including supervision of the boiler room engineer, maintenance technicians, painters and housekeeping contractors. The Senior Operating Engineer works in conjunction with Director of Facilities Services to conduct the in-unit and common area maintenance program. The Senior Operating Engineer works on major capital/reserve projects in conjunction with the General Manager, consulting professionals, external project managers and contractors.

Patricia Cottom

Director of Facilities Services

The Director of Facilities Services is the daily operations coordinator and scheduler for in-unit and common area maintenance work, work order billing, assisting the General Manager and working with the Senior Operating Engineer with ordering supplies, and serves as the main person receiving common and in-unit maintenance orders. Conducts in-unit and common area facilities inspections.

Addams House

Operations Representative

(202) 686-7306, Ext.
The Operations Representative is primary person for working with residents at the Management Office customer service window, scheduling move-ins and move-outs, managing the meetings and events calendar, issuing entry access FOBs, and maintaining the resident information data in BuildingLink.

Demba Bah

Accounting Specialist

(202) 686-4287
The Accounting Specialist handles the accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions, including preparation of check requests for vendor and contractor payments, processes reimbursement requests, works with the accounting contractor (CMC Corp.) to code income and expenses, contributes to tracking major projects, and payroll processing for all employees.

Taofiki Mustapha

Safety Operations Manager

(202) 686-7306, Ext.
The Safety Operations Manager is the primary safety/security person on the property during daylight hours, works to train and oversee security contractor staff, conducts carpet inspections, works to resolve noise and other resident-on-resident complaints, and prepares for documentation for rules hearings.